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Why Should You Use a Shuttle Service? 
  • To maintain balance with work and family schedules,
  • You live within the "2 mile radius" of your school,
  • Your habitually late to work or late picking up after school,
  • Your child attends a private or magnet school program,
  • Your carpool is not reliable,
  • You can't get home in time to take the kids to practice:
    Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, piano, music, tutoring, foreign language, theater, Tae-Kwon Do

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Today's fast paced life puts many students and families in a position of having to make choices that can limit their ability to participate in extracurricular activities, reach school before closing or having to leave work at inconvenient times. Students often have heavy schedules leaving parents wondering how they are going to manage all of these activities; and let's face it - it's impossible to be in two places at once!


All Student Shuttle is a unique shuttle service offering a pre-arranged / pre-scheduled "shared ride" from school, college, daycare, after school activities, athletic events or anywhere your child needs to be. We concentrate on providing dependable personalized student door-to-door transportation in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, and Spring, Texas (Spring ISD).  Our service helps families maintain balance by providing safe, reliable transportation services. Our service also protects kids from the dangers of walking to school alone or on busy streets. We're a great alternative to kids 13 and older who no longer qualify for "daycare".  If you need suggestions for after-school activities let us know.  We have a large variety of after schools activities/schools/programs that we pick up from and deliver toWe strive to meet the needs of parents and become a valuable resource in their community.  No matter what your needs are, we can help you -
C A L L  U S  T O D A Y !


We are Eco Friendly!
All Student Shuttle is an Earth friendly company, taking great pride in our efforts to reduce harmful effects on our environment by removing up to 60 cars from the road each day!