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SPRING ISD: *Elementary - Smith, Marshall, Salyers   *Middle School - Twin Creeks, Bailey,   *High School - Spring, Wunsche

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Why Do You Need All Student Shuttle? 

  • If you you need more time to juggle work and family schedules,
  • If you live within a 2 mile radius of your school (no transportation),
  • If bad weather (cold/rainy) days prevent your child from walking home,
  • If you are late to work because of dropping off or picking up kids,
  • If your child attends a private or magnet school program,
  • If your carpool is not reliable,
  • If you can't get home in time to take the kids to practice:
    Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, piano, music, tutoring, foreign language, theater, Tae-Kwon Do
                    YOU NEED ALL STUDENT SHUTTLE
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"Thanks for all your help the past few months. With my husband's traveling schedule and my daughter's schedule,
and work I don't know how I would have survived without your services!"
- R. Amine

Transportation Services


Life can pull you in many directions - All Student Shuttle is here to lend a helping hand by offering the following services in Fort Bend ISD, Spring ISD and Klein ISD.   We also offer transportation for field trips and special events in Fort Bend and Harris County:

  • Pre-arranged Door to Door rides, either to/from school, home, aftercare, sports, tutoring, wherever your student needs to be

  • Custom scheduling options (whether your son needs to be taken to and from school every day or your daughter just needs a ride to ballet lessons twice a week), we service a whole range of options. Please review our Fares, request a Fast Quote or call us at (281) 619-8309 for an estimate!

  • Available to students 4-19 years old and booster seats are utilized as required by law

  • Text Messaging lets you know your child has arrived safely at their destination

  • We offer Emergency Call and Sick Child Pick Up Services and make every effort to be your back-up in times where the unexpected happens. (additional charges apply)

  • Offering discounts for multiple children from the same family or area, picked up together, going to the same destination.

    Sign up with two (2) or more children from the same family (or a group children) from the same location going to the same destination and receive our multi-child discount. Refer a child or family and receive a 10% discount for one week of fees. CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.