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Now Servicing Sullivan Elementary (Riverstone) & Sartartia Middle School

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C A L L   U S  T O D A Y   (2 8 1) 6 1 9 - 8 3 0 9

Proud Sponsors of the Sugar Land
Why Should You Use a Shuttle Service? 
  • To maintain balance with work and family schedules,
  • You live within the "2 mile radius" of your school,
  • Your habitually late to work or late picking up after school,
  • Your child attends a private or magnet school program,
  • Your carpool is not reliable,
  • You can't get home in time to take the kids to practice:
    Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, karate, piano, music, tutoring, foreign language, theater, Tae-Kwon Do

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"Lauren grew attached to some of your staff and I always rested well knowing Lauren was in good, safe hands. We will miss the All Student Shuttle family.  Peace of mind to a parent is priceless!"  - K.  Hickok


  • Pre-arranged Door to Door rides, either to/from school, home, aftercare, sports, tutoring, wherever your student needs to be

  • Custom scheduling options (whether your son needs to be taken to and from school every day or your daughter just needs a ride to ballet lessons twice a week), we service a whole range of options. Please review our Rates, request a Fast Quote or call us at (281) 619-8309 for an estimate!
  • Available to students 4-19 years old and booster seats are utilized as required by law
  • Text Messaging lets you know your child has arrived safely at their destination

  • We offer Emergency Call and Sick Child Pick Up Services and make every effort to be your back-up in times where the unexpected happens. (additional charges apply)

  • Offering discounts for multiple children from the same family or area, picked up  together, going to the same destination.



All Student Shuttle will provide seat belts for all passengers. Car seats
will be provided, if needed,
at no extra cost. Students
are required to wear seat
belts while riding on an All Student Shuttle van.






All Student Shuttle vans are equipped with a mobile telephone. This will ensure direct communication from the van to parents. Parents are to contact the office with any messages or instructions. If there is to be any contact with the van, the All Student Shuttle office will do this. No parent is to contact the van directly. This will alleviate the driver receiving numerous calls, which would interfere with them doing their job.  All mobile phones are to be used for emergency and business contact with the home office only.